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Changing Gear

A research project that aims to reframe the Mediterranean artistic perspective
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What is Changing Gear?


Changing Gear is a research project focusing on the Modern Art of the Mediterranean region. It is proposing a radically different methodological approach to the study of the modern artistic currents of this period and geographical area. The project presents a horizontal approach to studying artworks, a system of analysis expounded in the Thematic Debates section, as opposed to what is considered to be a vertical power-centre relationship. Thus, it aims to reframe the art history of various cultural zones across the Mediterranean basin.

The central thematic debates of the research as well as the core conceptual categories informing the analytical direction are explored on this platform and are intended as guidelines for the continued discussion of the scholarship engaged with thus far.

The project will involve a series of lectures, seminars, publications, conferences, and exhibitions.


Changing Gear is a project run by the Modern and Contemporary Art section within the Department of Art and Art History, University of Malta, in partnership with the APS Mdina Contemporary Art Biennale and the Union for the Mediterranean / Day of the Mediterranean.

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