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Image Gallery

The image gallery serves to illustrate the conceptual categories and regional contexts outlined in this website.

Further information may be found on the publications listed on the library page.

The image gallery is organised according to identified themes and will be updated on a regular basis.

The upcoming themes are listed below, with more to be added in due course: 

Lines, Contours, and Script, Gaze, Paysage, Trees, Fortifications, Upheaval, Colour, Faktura, Massacres, Sensuality, War.

Lines, Contours, and Script

E ‘l buon Sordello in terra fregò ‘l dito, 
dicendo: «Vedi? sola questa riga 
non varcheresti dopo ‘l sol partito:

Dante, La Divina Commedia, Pur. 7.52-54


Il velluto dello sguardo di Dunja

Fulmineo torna presente pietà.


Giuseppe Ungaretti, L'Impietrito e il velluto, 1970


nisma’ ġol-fraxxnu u ġol-ħarrub tal-plajja
bħal karba twila ta’ min q’għed ibati
u jigdem l-art fl-uġigħ tal-aħħar firda;


Dun Karm Psaila, Wied Qirda,1933

Borg-Scapes and Rooftops

Ὡστόσο ἐμεῖς τὸ ξέραμε πὼς πέρα στὸ μεγάλο σταυροδρόμι
εἶναι μιὰ πολιτεία μὲ χιλιάδες πολύχρωμα φῶτα,
ἄνθρωποι χαιρετιοῦνται ἐκεῖ μὲ μιὰ κίνηση μόνο τοῦ μετώπου— ...
... ἀπ᾿ τὸν ἴσκιο τους πάνω ...


Yannis Ritsos, Petrified Time: Poems from Makronisos, 1949