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Our Project

Changing Gear is an academic project that aims to shift the direction of Mediterranean Modern Art studies. The aim is to create a more holistic and inclusive study. This will be accomplished by introducing new conceptual categories, redefining regional contexts, and by revising methodological analysis. 

This segment of the project will be discussing multiple new conceptual categories that relate to Meditteranean Modern Art. 


This segment of the project will focus on the most critical regions and cultural hubs throughout the Mediterranean. 


Revision of methodological analysis

Changing Gear will investigate the power relationship between the vertical-linear methodological approach in art historical studies and the novel horizontal approach being proposed by this project for the study of Mediterranean Modern Art


Youssef Kamel, Winter Sun (1938). Image source: Dalloul Art Foundation

Diamantis Diamantopoulos, The Strikers

Esprit Barthet, Rooftops

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